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Trade fairs 2013:
15-19.February Ambiente Frankfurt
06-08.July Trendset Munich
06-10.September Maison et Objets Paris

Fetes 2013:
30.May-02.June St.Veit bei Klagenfurt
07-09.June Schloss Maxlrain bei Muenchen
02-04.August Schloss Kogl, Attersee
05-08.September Landpartie Schloss Büdingen
14.-15.September Herbstmarkt Schloss Ippenburg, Bad Essen
06.-15.December Weihnachtsmarkt Schloss Tüssling, Altötting

Whispers of love and passion

We all love life, and so we at Le.Potpourri try our utmost to present life as authentically as it exists in nature! With use of only natural colours and purest quality cotton, we craft home accessories that are as unique and exceptional as you are, giving each product an individual touch.

That is why we embarked on a journey to discover how to bring nature’s simplicity and exclusivity into your life and home. Thus our product line is made in the rarest craftsmanship skills, using contemporary design, with the poetic touch of the artist.

"What we discovered for you, you will see here on this site!"


Chanced upon a dream, the fabric, the time bygone

The exclusive Quilt Jodhpore from Le.Potpourri is perfectly fashioned as a decorative sleeping blanket for icy winters or for mild summer nights. A rare piece of art caught in essence at Le.Potpourri, the Quilt is hand woven to perfection with fluffy cotton fillings which are light as feather. The purpose is to convert your bed or sofa into an ideal comfort setting, and invite you to participate in this naturally crafted masterpiece.

But there is more to this tale. The Quilt Jodhpore not only beautifies your room, but also sets a tone as an ideal picnic-rug matching in the greens. Pamper yourself, your family and your guests with this unusual and unique piece of art from the Middle Ages!

"...a few years ago while travelling through the heartlands of India, we discovered the Quilt…one journeys through life like a stream, sleeping and dreaming in it..."


Our selection

The Quilt:
100% cotton, floral designs, hand-printed in natural vegetable colours, and hand-stitched
Baby bed 100x135 cm
Single bed 155x220 cm
Double bed 200x220 cm
Colour combination:
white background with blue/green/red patterns


The Bedding covers:
hand-crafted, 100% fine woven cotton, with matching duvet covers and pillowcases in 3 different sizes. The floral designs are in natural colours, finished with coconut buttons.
Single Bed 135x200cm
Double bed 155x220cm
Matching pillow covers in 40x80cm, 40x40cm and 80x80cms sizes


The Throws:
100% cotton, hand-woven, with floral design in jacquard technique. Natural colour-shades of beige, greyish blue and off-white.
Single bed 155x220 cm
Double bed 200x220 cm

The Cushion covers:
100% cotton, hand-woven or hand block printed, with matching quilts and throws.
Size: about 40x40cm


The table cloth:
100% cotton, hand printed in lively, floral designs
100x100 cm
150x150 cm
140x180 cm, 6 matching napkins included
160x300 cm, 8 matching napkins included


For more information on product descriptions and prices, please email us at: info@lepotpourri.de


The origin and development of an art form

The Quilt Jodhpore is hand-crafted in Rajasthan, a region of India known for its extreme climates of high noon temperatures to very cold evenings! The Quilt Jodhpore evolved through centuries of craftsmanship, to satisfy its multirole facets. Thus over time, the local artisans have discovered techniques that make a typical Quilt Jodhpore, exceptionally light, yet wonderfully warm and durable.

Our Quilt Jodhpores are hand-block printed with wooden blocks using only ‘natural’ vegetable colours. A printer may need upto 30 separate blocks to finish a quilt. This means that a cloth maybe stamped upto 1000 times within a 3 metre length! Each Quilt Jodhpore is hand-stitched from cotton voile fabric. Two pieces of cotton voile are filled with very finely combed fluffy cotton, then stitched and quilted! In this way, the incomparable, beautiful patterns are created from imagination, onto a Quilt Jodhpore. The quilt is made individually and carries the soul of the craftsmen.

"Whether quilts, throws, table cloth or cushion covers- at Le..Potpourri we pay attention to craftsmanship, using traditional methods, and natural materials only"


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